Casual Spotlight 1 - Sam Hall aka. Samzorz

Casual Spotlight 1 - Sam Hall aka. Samzorz - Filthy Casual Co.

Fun fact about Sam, he was the very first streamer to show a real interest in what we were doing.  Shortly after launching FC he contacted us and wanted to work together and to this day is still one of the most influential steamers supporting our brand.

All time favorite video game: Conker's Bad Fur Day

What are you passionate about: Pizza, gaming, music, traveling, pizza, and pizza.

If money was no object, and you had unlimited resources and freedom, what would you be doing?: Traveling the world, exploring all of the things and eating all the foods.

Do you create anything? If so what? I stream full time on (primarily Call of Duty), I'm the owner of the stream team which has over 1 million combined followers, the founder of which is the largest Call of Duty eSports database on the web, and the owner of the eSports organization that formerly housed a professional CS:GO team.

What accomplishment or achievements have you had recently that you're proud of: I'm currently ranked #2 on Call of Duty on PS4 in the competitive playlist Arena out of over 1 million players (1,070,300)

Who inspires you?: The owner of Team EnVyUs, Hastro, inspires me the most because he is living out my dream of running an esports organization while traveling all around the world. I aspire to do just that as well.

What is Filthy Casual to you? Why do you wear our stuff?: A Filthy Casual to me is someone who games for enjoyment, without caring what others think of their abilities or wanting to put others down while doing so. I'm a competitive gamer at heart, but nowadays that comes with the stigma of disrespectful and rude snobs. I wear all of the Filthy Casual gear while being kind and courteous to break the stereotype and be a posititve influence in the competitive gaming community.

Any words you'd like to say to anyone who happens to read this? Follow your dreams, and as always, keep it filthy.

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