Casual Spotlight 4 - Sean Pitts

Casual Spotlight 4 - Sean Pitts - Filthy Casual Co.

All time favorite video game: Metal Gear Solid

What are you passionate about: Jiu Jitsu and Video Games

If money was no object, and you had unlimited resources and freedom, what would you be doing?: I'd be a community manager and video producer for Kinda Funny.

Do you create anything? If so what? Yes I make lets plays and podcasts on

What accomplishment or achievements have you had recently that you're proud of: Launching !

Who/what inspires you?: The guys over at Kinda Funny What is Filthy Casual to you? Why do you wear our stuff? I support cool people. The crew from Filthy Casual has always been really cool at shows and events so I'd like to see them succeed.

Any words you'd like to say to anyone who happens to read this? If you guys want to follow my journey into the video game industry follow me @SeanTwisters on Twitter! Thanks Filthy Casual

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