Casual Spotlight 2 - Jessica Nigri

Casual Spotlight 2 - Jessica Nigri - Filthy Casual Co.
You may or may not know, but a long time ago in a Vancouver Anime Convention far far away... Jess put us (Cherry Sauce at the time) on the map. Jess threw the gasoline on our spark of an idea and turned it into wildfire. As the first Influencer who ever really took an interest in us, we have a lot to thank Jess for, many of our long-lasting friendships were initiated by her! Thank you Jess!
All time favorite video game: ah crap... It keeps changing recently!! It was Gears of War for forever! Recently I am leaning more towards League of Legends and World of Warcraft ;___;
What are you passionate about: I adore cosplay and running!! You get me outside with a good pair of kicks and I'm set for like 4 hours. Cosplay is super love/hate. I love to finish a costume, I hate the creation and stress. Haha.
If money was no object, and you had unlimited resources and freedom, what would you be doing?: I would be teaching surfing in Hawaii. Like no joke. Island life all the way.
Do you create anything? If so what?  I CREATED ... Uhhhhhh hmmm. DEATHWING!
What accomplishment or achievements have you had recently that you're proud of: I recently went balls to the wall and made a Female DEATHWING costume. It legit is the thing I have been most proud of. I haven't felt that much pride in something I have made in so long. It was insane. And addicting. Now I want that feeling in everything that I do.
What is Filthy Casual to you? Why do you wear our stuff? Haha filthy casual is helping Drunk Mike walk down the streets of Vancouver. It's "they drew first blood". It's insanely fun after parties and hilarious memories. It's snow. It's Jasper, Banff, and Red Deer. It's packing everything up and driving it down to EDMONTON Expo, It's Beaver Tails and hot tubs. Filthy Casual is fudge in our pockets staring at frozen waterfalls. Filthy Casual is very special to me and I will always support whatever they do! Wearing the clothes means a lot. It means really being a friend and living a good life. :)
Words to say to someone who reads this: Filthy Casual is a family. Everyone is welcome
Bonus words from Mike: There is a moment from one of the many hangouts we've had with Jess that's stuck with me to this day that I think more people should know about.  We were at Anime Revolution in Vancouver, the first day of the show had just ended and we were walking outside the convention center along the waterfront. There were these 2 guys on a balcony above us, yelling at this individual cosplayer walking away from the convention center.  "Why are you nerds dressed up"  "What is going on here" "Hey what are you" ... you get the picture.  Jess stopped, yelled up at the guys and told them "You're at an anime convention, people here dress up as their favorite characters, and she happens to be (x character from y anime) and she looks great" and told them to leave her alone. While shocked at first, they listened and the situation was defused and though the girl never stopped or looked back, it was a huge show of character that I don't think a lot of people get to see enough of.

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