Casual Spotlight 5 - Haleybaby

Casual Spotlight 5 - Haleybaby - Filthy Casual Co.


All time favorite video game: My all time game is Fatal Frame: Crimson Butterfly. Yes, I'm a horror junkie :p

What are you passionate about: I'm very passionate about making other people smile and hearing their laughter. I know that sounds kinda weird but knowing I can make someone's day just a little better makes it worth everything I do.

If money was no object, and you had unlimited resources and freedom, what would you be doing?: If I could be anything in the world, I would be a painter. I love painting. Just being able to paint your emotions into something beautiful is just ... incredible.

Do you create anything? If so what? Yes I do. I'm a proud Twitch Partner ( and I make video content. I play a variety of games from ps4, xbox, and even pc games. FPS, MMO's, horror games, you name it I probably play it.

What accomplishment or achievements have you had recently that you're proud of: One of the biggest accomplishments in my life was when I raised 12k for St. Judes. Knowing I could help a child's life is just the best feeling in the world. Another achievement i'm actually blessed and fortunate to achieved was at Twitchcon. I had a meet n greet to meet my lovely chipmunks and at first I wasnt expecting anyone to show up but my line was the longest line and it blew my mind. Being able to see the people who support me and to see them smile makes me love what I do.

Who inspires you?: The person who inspires me the most is Ms_Vixen aka Lanai. She has been my rock through this whole thing. We watch out for each other and I know I can always go to her for anything. She is such a huge inspiration in my life from her personality, all her achievements and all the charities she does. She's just an amazing human being and I'm blessed to call her my sister. (Not really sister but you know what I mean)

What is Filthy Casual to you? Why do you wear our stuff?: Filthy Casual to me is a way to express myself. Wearing their product from shirts to tanks is just an amazing feeling. I'm SUPER picky on what I wear but if I see a hoodie or my filthy casual tank on the ground...whether its cold or not, I ALWAYS pick my tank. It's just so comfy!

Any words you'd like to say to anyone who happens to read this? The only words I truly have to say is always be yourself no matter what. Whether its from the clothes, how you do your make up, hair or even the way you act, be yourself because there is no else like you in this world.


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