Casual Spotlight 6 - Peter de Leon

Casual Spotlight 6 - Peter de Leon - Filthy Casual Co.

All time favorite video game:
Star Wars Galaxies. There’ll never be another MMO like it.

What are you passionate about:
Video games, Star Wars, rap music and basketball. Combine all 4 and you get the worst game known to man

If money was no object, and you had unlimited resources and freedom, what would you be doing?:
I’d probably travel the world with my fiancé. OR build the largest Star Wars collection in the galaxy. We’ll go with travel the world with fiancé though.

Do you create anything? If so what? (include links)
Bad jokes and awkward moments!
But seriously, I enjoy video editing and I’m working to improve my ability with a camera. I currently shoot and edit video for my company’s YouTube channel.
So far it’s only the 3 most recent videos.

In the past I’ve also done edits for a few friends who do obstacle course races (Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, etc.)

What accomplishment or achievements have you had recently that you're proud of:
Proposing to my girlfriend of 8 years!
Oh and also completing a Spartan Trifecta. It’s a thing where you do a Spartan Sprint, Super and Beast in the same year. It’s a thing.

Who inspires you?:
A lot of the people I work with. I’m surrounded by artists in the office and they’re working on some of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Not just for work, but I also see their personal projects. It’s hard to be around a lot of talented people and not want to do more yourself.

What is Filthy Casual to you? Why do you wear our stuff?
It’s an inclusive community where I don’t have to be the best gamer or most hardcore Star Wars fan and people are okay with that. Everyone accepts and welcomes you into the group anyway. Filthy Casual is what being called a nerd, dork or geek was years ago. We take pride in being called those things now and I wear the gear because it’s representative of my love for nerd culture. Plus the shirts are mad comfy.

Any words you'd like to say to anyone who happens to read this?
Thanks for making it this far!

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