Casual Spotlight 8 - Nati Casanova aka. TheZombiUnicorn

Casual Spotlight 8 - Nati Casanova aka. TheZombiUnicorn - Filthy Casual Co.

All time favorite video game?: 

Multiplayer-cs:go singleplayer-Soma

What are you passionate about?: Voice acting

If money was no object, and you had unlimited resources and freedom, what would you be doing?: I’d still be creating - videos, gaming content, vlogs, comedy, voice acting!

Do you create anything? If so what? YouTube:… Twitch: Voice Acting:…

What accomplishment or achievements have you had recently that you're proud of?: I won an open voice-over competition to be the voice of the Warhammer Vermintide trailer! I’m flying to Sweden in February to record the voice work!

Who/What inspires you?: So many people inspire me, lately Justin Roiland (Co-Creator and many voices of Rick & Morty) is someone I look up to in voice acting. He has a lot of range and improvises a lot while being very convincing and just has fun with

What is Filthy Casual to you? Why do you wear our stuff?: Well, the ongoing joke is that I’m “literaltrash” as in that’s my name in many games, but I’m also just making fun of myself for how bad at games I can be sometimes. This pretty much goes hand-in-hand with Filthy Casual for me, I may try-hard sometimes but others I’m just a “filthy casual” ;P I’ve always loved the styles and designs of Filthy Casual as well, they mesh very well with my own unique style :D

Any words you'd like to say to anyone who happens to read this? It’s garbage-CAN not garbage-CAN’T!

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